• What Is TECOM Conf?

    TECOM Conf is China's first Tech and Entrepreneur Communities conference. TECOM Conf brings the most dynamic, engaging and vibrant Communities, Startups, Incubators, and Innovative Corporates under one roof to showcase their value and mission and discuss the challenges and opportunities.


    TECOM Conf是中国第一个专门为科技创业者社群举办的大会。TECOM 2019将带领最有活力、凝聚力、影响力的科技创业者社群汇聚一堂,让他们充分展示各自的价值理念,并与他们一起探讨,在北京这样的国际大都市背景下,科技创业者社群所面临的各种机遇与挑战。


    TECOM Conf is born to facilitate, strengthen and promote China's tech and entrepreneurial scene.


    TECOM Conf的诞生以协助、强化并推动中国的科技创业发展为使命。


  • TECOM Guide 社群指南

    This guide features tech and entrepreneur communities, incubators, accelerators, and startup service providers. It is a must have guide for every single entrepreneur and corporate innovator in Beijing!




    *Download Shanghai 2019 edition for your reference.